Back in the saddle (almost)

In Uncategorized on February 5, 2009 at 4:15 pm

My computer crashed back there in December, so I took an unscheduled blog break. Since we don’t have television, I wasn’t even getting slanted news for much of that time, so I am coming back refreshed – I did need a break, more than I knew – but broadly ignorant of current events, except for what I got second-hand from people who were following the news. I plan to spend more time reading than blogging for a bit, while I get back up to speed, but I hope to be back soon to adding my two bits on a regular basis, now that the computer is off the repair bench.

  1. The problems that I and several customers have had with IE8 security is ridculous, I have given up trying to adapt it to various different machines. Therefore firefox is the easy fix. To get any website to work. And to be able to post. Windows 7, yep more problems on the horizon.

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